Yudi Wahyudin

Must we fasting? Why? These all questions important as important shaum it self. The ramadhan’s word came from shape ra-mi-dha (رمض), which means the roasted stone (shafwan). Al-Quran usually used stone to describe rude or bad human. It called the slick stone which describing a gruff heart (see Al-Baqarah, 264), it doesn’t care excessively rained they still bad at the end. In the other side, the garden at the mountain (Jannah birabwah) it’s used to describe a healthy heart, even though rained a bit, the heart become prosperous and full of rahmah inside. That’s why ramadhan took from ra-mi-dha (رمض) shape. It’s demand the consciousness of our self that we have to roast our stone (heart) better then before. So, by entering ramadhan –at the end of course, we’ll become muttaqien who has a heart as Jannah Birabwah that it’s produce billion virtues and values. Insha Allah…


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  1. Asden says:

    Must not even required anymore. because Allah SWT has commanded us in the Qur’aan and the Hadith

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